Thursday, August 14, 2014

Loot and community challenges

Loot of the Week:


Clint Cleary’s YouTube channel isn't jammed packed with videos but the content and delivery of what is there is pretty top notch. He just released a video on making images for Magic the gathering cards, and I felt it was very insightful. I strongly recommend subscribing to his channel and watching what he does have up.

Draw or Die-

This is the group I mentioned last blog, and after having submitted my piece and seeing all the submissions I've reached some conclusions. First and foremost having another creative community that talks and isn't afraid to critique is wonderful. I love that aspect of this group. However I will say, I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the rolling art directors, or how the contest is judged but since there aren't prizes it is hard to really complain if you don’t place well. Not saying I deserved top consideration, just saying in general. I've included my progression WIP below and the final image built from the design thumbnails in blog 6.

Private Sanctuary-

This is not art related but for me falls in the bandwagon of providing inspiration. This is all about D&D and Pathfinder 3.5, the role-playing tabletop for those that don’t know. I love pod-casts, when they’re good. I am not caught up on their most recent work, I always prefer to go back to the first posts and work my way forward. However, I have found it immensely entertaining, and thought provoking. Especially considering I just got invited to a Pathfinder campaign and I've yet to have a chance to play it before now.

Progress Report:

Commissions: My knight painting is finished and I’m going to hopefully deliver it this weekend. I’ll snag some photos and throw it up here if she doesn't mind.

‘Parasyte’: I finished her on time and submitted. This was a 3 day paint for me, all said about 15 hours after I had my sketched sorted out. I pushed the face first and then tried to systematically work my way down the figure. Then I just started building up all the elements together once there was enough paint on screen. Pushing/Pulling lights and darks, trying to understand form and keep it interesting. See below.

Intentions and Critique:

My goals right now are working on the next Draw or Die challenge, due Sept. 7th. (Join uuuuussssss). Probably also going to spend a ridiculous amount of time painting my pathfinder character because I fall in love with the creation process super hardcore and I'm also really excited about supply shopping this week or early next week because classes start on the 18th. My productivity will take a forced boost, which should be nice, and of course I will share as much as I can. This blog is really helpful for granting some insight to my motivation/inspiration and understanding my own direction. I’m going to keep learning, pushing and painting so thanks!

See you soon!

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