Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Studio Tour and Learning Curves Youtube Launch!

You asked for it, so here we go!

This is the first time I've made a video like this so please keep that in mind, and any suggestions are always welcome! I hope to make more in the future now that I have a dedicated channel to the Learning Curves blog!

This is the motivational quote by Dave Rapoza framed on my wall,
“First off, what we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do. Everything you’re afraid to do or you put off just becomes mental baggage and really pulls you down. No matter what it might be, if it’s holding you down you have to really just pull it together and finish it.
…Limit everything (you) do to a few hours…This forces you not to be lazy and browse the internet or whatever it is you do.
…Basically it all depends on you, you’re the only one who can make you work hard. I try to keep in mind that tomorrow becomes never and if I keep putting anything off it will just never happen. Everything has to be started and done this instance or it will never get done.  Just trying to think of how serious life is and how we’re all gonna die in any number of years is something that pushes me too. Each minute that passes by you could be learnin something new or accomplishing something you’ve always wanted to do.
The only real thing that has to happen is you acting on it. Something to really avoid though would be comfort zones. These can kill your drive and motivation.
If somebody tells me my work is awesome then I’ll go and send my work to a professional I like and ask for critiques. Anything to keep from being a lazy asshole, never stop looking up what you could be. Everybody you look up to has already gone through what you’re going through and the only that changed them was really just sitting down and workin at it.

We can all be great in our own respects but we all have to work at our core drawing skills first and we have to pull ourselves together and start pushing for everything we want…

Don’t go easy on yourself!
Never settle for anything and always set unrealistic goals worth reaching!

Everybody thinks there’s a huge race to be the best…but in reality there’s a huge group of people thinking the same thing and they only settle for mediocre jobs…so there’s actually more competition for shit jobs than for the best.”

This was taken from his sketchbook thread I found on I edited some stuff out to make it more relevant to me and it’s a bit dated now, but I still find it quite motivational!

This is the Razer Tartarus if you wanted a closer look. I would shop around if you are interested. I got a great deal on a refurbished one off amazon and it works stellar.

And this is how I made my shadow box setup, and you can watch Marc Carder’s video guide here:

I appreciate all the support, and I hope you liked this little insight to where I work.

I hope you’ll stay tuned, as I have some cool stuff coming in the next week. Lewis LaRosa, Valiant comic book artist, just gave a guest artist talk at my Uni, and I’ll be publishing all my notes, questions/answers, and a portfolio review he gave me. Also, I’ll be including a video or two of how I did my most recent works, including the one I just submitted to Spectrum!

Thanks guys!

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